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  • Monika
    Recently started to use the cream, but the effect is already noticeable. I can say that I have tried quite a lot of money, but the result as such did not receive. Micinorm I completely came up, no problem in use arises. Overall, I am satisfied, therefore, recommend!
  • Wolfgang
    I was treated micinorm about a month intermittently. Legs ruined in the army shoes, the fungus lasted about a year. The cream has helped to remove the inflammation and itching between the toes the skin in a week has recovered. But to kill the fungus in the nail took more time. But the effect is striking, the cream kills the odor, nail growing back a healthy pink.
  • Karin
    I have bred the fungus after a stay in the hotel. It began to spread. But micinorm put out the inflammation very quickly.
  • Susanne
    Worthy cream, and I know whereof I speak, and others have tried when faced with this unpleasant problem. Now it is in the past, but I can say that Micinorm okay, so I helped. Originally only removed the symptoms, and then the problem completely gone. Don't come back and I am pleased with this result. The prices are adequate, it is possible to buy!
  • Sabine
    I always visit the pool. Apparently, she caught a fungus. Rushed immediately, but only when started to itch feet and nails have changed. Cream Micinorm recommended in a confidential conversation good friend. Packaging — convenient, dispenser. You need to take a very small amount and thoroughly RUB into the skin of the feet and apply on nails. One bottle was enough for me for 2 weeks of use. Odor this unique bio cream was removed immediately. After 3 days the skin on my legs has stopped flaking and itching. The nail plate grows back to normal color, without damage. A month was completely cured.
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